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Riley Defense RAK-47-P RAK102 7.62×39


Riley Defense RAK-47-P RAK102 7.62×39

• MFR#: RAK102

• UPC:860247000719

• CALIBER: 7.62×39


• # OF MAGS: One

• TYPE: Semi Auto Rifle


• SIGHTS: Standard AK-47


• CASE: Cardboard



Riley Defense RAK-47-P RAK102 7.62×39

This is the newest generation of the Riley Defense RAK-47-P RAK102 7.62*39 rifle. The RAK-47-P is the polymer furniture version of Riley Defense’s American made classical Ak-47 rifle in 7.62*39.

This is a well made quality AK-47 that will not break the bank.

This AK can use any aftermarket new or surplus AK-47 Magazines.


• Fully Heat Treated Mil-spec stamped receiver

• 4150 Nitride Barrel

• 16.25″ Threaded barrel, 14*1 LH thread

• 35.25″ Overall Length

• Forged Trunion

• Polymer butt stock with recoil pad, MIL- Spec upper and lower handguards with heat shield

• Black Oxide Finish

• Adjustable front and rear sight

• Safety selector lever with bolt hold open

• Extended magazine release

• Machined scope mount side rail

• Slant Break

• Bayonet Lug

• Accepts all standard AK magazines

• Comes with one 30 rd. magazine

• Accepts most aftermarket furniture

• Two year manufacturers warranty Riley Defense’s Quality Control Process:

At Riley Defense Inc., our process is centered on making certain our parts go through a vigorous and meticulous inspection process. Each major part is tested for its mechanical properties such as hardness, strength, and ductility and then followed by a dimensional inspection with the use of fixtures and in some cases measuring certain components with our CMM equipment.

After the quality control parts process, we start grouping all the mating components, for example labeling and matching every receiver with a trunion and every trunion with a barrel to guarantee that the trunion holes are concentric to the receiver holes which ensures the assembly is straight. We also make sure every barrel has the right amount of interference fit to the trunion to reduce stresses that are induced in the trunion.

It is very important that the trunion is riveted to the receiver first, and then the barrel is pressed into the receiver/trunion assembly. We NEVER use the barrel as a bucking bar, which causes the rivets to eventually move out of place after firing a few hundred rounds of ammunition. After the barrel has been set into the trunion, we populate the sights and gas block and check them with extremely precise lasers. Then it’s on to the assembly lines to attach all other components, such as furniture, trigger components, etc…

Following rifle assembly, five rounds of ammunition are fired to test the rifle for function and operation and then it is on to the quality control department for a thorough cleaning and final inspection before packaging and shipping.

Riley Defense RAK-47-P RAK102 7.62×39

MFR#: RAK102

UPC: 860247000719


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