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Types of Magazines

The history of magazines goes back to the sixteenth century, and there was no prediction in their expansion until the development of multi-shot guns in the nineteenth century.

Magazines can be fixed or detachable. The latter allows to take out the ammunition by detaching the magazine by a small button behind the trigger. The former does not allow to detach the ammunition and is removed manually from the gun itself.

Let us Look at The Types of Magazines:

Tubular Magazine

Back in the days’ tubular magazines were among the first few magazines used in bolt action and lever-action rifles. It comprises a tube that holds cartridges placed end-to-end. Tubular magazines are fixed and cannot be detached from the firearm. Moreover, tubular magazines have some drawbacks like the limitation of using only soft point bullets, low capacity, and slow reloading.

Box Magazine

In 1878, two Scottish-born brothers James Paris Lee and John Lee invented a rifle with a box design magazine. Box magazines are of two types: detachable and fixed. The fixed magazines hold five to ten cartridges, while detachable magazines allow keeping multiple loaded magazines and can be switched when needed.

Box magazine allows cartridges in a single stack (one above the other) or double stack(zig-zag) manner. The material used in box magazines can be metal or plastic. Plastic magazines are clear, enabling one to know how much ammunition is left.

Drum Magazine

In 1918, a Thompson submachine gun was developed, which was originally associated with a drum magazine. This magazine has a flat cylindrical shape like a drum, hence the name. Drum magazines, on average, have larger capacities than box magazines. However, they are known to cause jamming issues and altered balance of firearm due to additional weight.

Horizontal Magazine

As the name states, this particular magazine is horizontal, meaning it lies in line with the gun and parallel to the barrel and is translucent, consisting of two rows of cartridges. The invention of this magazine is credited to Renne Predazzer.

Horizontal magazines are far more balanced and comfortable to grip than box magazines, and they can accommodate a larger number of rounds for their size.

Rotary Magazines

The rotatory magazine was developed by Otto Schonauer, in 1885, and one of its earliest versions was used in Model 99 rifles. Its capacity is limited and allows five to ten rounds of cartridges. It belongs to the list of commonly used magazines and comes in both fixed and detachable versions. Ruger 10/22 is known to use rotatory magazine.