Best Handguns for Women

If you are on the hunt for handguns, you are definitely at the right place. We at Glock Gun Sales are committed to providing you with the best quality firearms including, handguns, shotguns, long guns, Ar-15 Lower Receivers, AR-15 magazines, best handguns for women, AK-47 magazines, AR-10 magazines, Extended Magazines, you name it.

Before you decide it is the one, there are certain aspects of guns that you can check. And that includes weight, caliber, magazine capacity, and size. These factors ensure that you chose the perfect handgun and make the most of it. Many firearms used by men are also female user friendly, but as the average hand size of women is small, they prefer light and smaller ones.

The following consideration will assist you in narrowing down your options of handguns and hopefully enabling you to find the right one for yourself.

Factors to consider while looking for handguns for women


The softer the recoil, the less tiring your arm is, making the shooting more comfortable. The best handguns for women have factors like lightweight, easy-grip, lighter recoil, etc. The lighter guns do not always have a lighter felt recoil. Because certain factors combined determine the felt recoil of the handgun, like size, weight, as well as caliber.


Compact and lightweight are the main factors that make sure that the handgun is comfortable for concealed carry. The caliber of the handgun plays a significant role in indicating how soft or sharp felt recoil is. Women prefer guns that are slim and lightweight. Which ensures they can be carried around all day long either for self-defense or target shooting without fatigue. The preferred caliber of handguns for women is 9mm ammunition or .380 CP.

Magazine Capacity

Many women like handguns with less ammunition capacity. Because they think that it helps to reduce the weight of the gun. But it is not always true. The accurate and best guns for women have qualities like the average magazine capacity but smaller and less in weight. There are single stack and double stack magazine capacities in handguns, depending on their intended use.


Weight plays a significant part in ensuring the handgun is comfortably concealed carry throughout the day. So, chose the right gun by testing and shooting for yourself.

Some suggested the best handguns for women

Based on caliber, weight, and magazine capacity, here are some of our suggestions that will not disappoint you in the long run.

#1. Glock 19

Caliber: 9mm, Capacity: 15+1

#2. Glock 42

Caliber: .380, Capacity: 6+1

#3. Glock 43

Caliber: 9mm, Capacity: 6+1

#4. Sig Sauer P365

Caliber: 9mm, Capacity: 10+1

#5. Sig Sauer P238

Caliber: .380, Capacity: 6+1

#6. Ruger LC9S

Caliber: 9mm, Capacity: 7+1

#7. Smith & Wesson .380 EZ Shield

Caliber: .380, Capacity: 8+1

Now, what are you waiting for? Explore your options and get your desired handgun from our suggestions and listings.