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All You Want To Know About Handguns Magazines

In the present era, the firearms literary percentage is significantly lower than what it should be. Admittedly, less knowledge of guns will lead to a considerable increase in the rate of dismay and violence.

So, to prevent this, we have decided to educate you about the use and basic knowledge of firearms. To start from the root of the name, ‘Magazine’ is the French word for ‘storage place’. Since magazine storages bullets or ammunition, hence the name.

Types of Handgun Magazines

Your handgun magazines or rifles will be limited to a single shot if you don’t have a magazine. The two types of commonly used magazines are box and tubular. Box magazine is the most commonly used and it holds the ammo vertically.

The Capacity of Handgun Magazines

The capacity of Handgun Magazines to contain ammunition or bullets varies. The average magazine capacity of semiautomatic handgun magazines and rifles is between 15-30 rounds.

You might also have come across the name Extended Magazines which is simply a large-capacity magazine and is attached to the gun or rifle and the shooter has to load it less often. Standard ‘extended’ magazines typically store an additional 2-3 rounds above the ordinary magazine.