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Magazine is derived from the French term for “storage place”. Bullets or ammo are stored in magazines, therefore the name. Where there is a gun, there is a magazine. When you buy a gun, it comes with a magazine, but you will still want extra magazines or extended magazines to be able to load more rounds than a standard magazine and have a backup either for hunting or self-defense.

The literary percentage of firearms in the modern era is substantially lower than it should be. To be specific, less understanding about guns will significantly increase the rate of dismay and violence. So, in order to avoid this, we have decided to educate you on the use and fundamentals of weapons. That said, let’s discuss the types of handguns magazines.


Types Of Commonly Used Handguns Magazines:

Box magazine

James Paris Lee and John Lee, two Scottish-born brothers, designed a rifle with a box-style magazine in 1878. There are two kinds of box magazines: detachable and fixed. Fixed magazines carry five to ten rounds. However, detachable magazines enable numerous loaded magazines to be kept and replaced as needed.

Cartridges load either in a single stack (one above the other) or a double stack (zig-zag) in a box magazine. Box magazines are made of either metal or plastic. Plastic magazines are transparent, allowing you to see how much ammunition is remaining.

Tubular Magazine

Tubular magazines were among the first few magazines used in bolt action and lever-action rifles. A tubular magazine consists of a tube that holds cartridges that are inserted end-to-end. Tubular magazines are permanently attached to the pistol and cannot be removed. Furthermore, tubular magazines have some disadvantages, such as the restriction of utilizing only soft-tip bullets, insufficient capacity, and slow reloading.

The Capacity Of Handgun Magazines

Handgun Magazines have varying capacities for ammunition or bullets. Semiautomatic handguns and rifles typically have a magazine capacity of 15-30 shots. You may have also heard of Extended Magazines, which are large-capacity magazines attached to the gun or rifle and need the shooter to load it less frequently. Regular ‘extended’ magazines usually store an extra 2-3 rounds in addition to the standard magazine.

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