Ar 15 Magazines

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AR 15 magazines are available on Glock Guns Sales at affordable prices. Not sure if you want AR 15 magazine plastic or metal? How about you browse through our product listing first and then decide which one is the best for you.

The AR 15 magazine also supports AR 15 round the most advisable among them are .223 Remington and 6.56 Nato.

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How to Choose The Right AR 15 Magazine

When you are just getting started or new to the firearms world, everything seems confusing because there are so many options to chose from but not sure what is worth buying. As in this situation, if we talk about Ar-15 magazine when you browse through Internet, everyone seems to be making magazines.

Now, the next thought is what magazine to pick? AR 15 magazine plastic or metal? Here is when we come to your rescue. With our diverse selection of best-quality AR-15 magazines, we will always guide you through your preferences.

Ar- 15 Mag differ from each other for various reasons. The first one is the capacity of the magazine. Some magazines hold capacity for 30 ammo, some only 10. Secondly, the material used can be steel or polymer. So, chose the right magazine for yourself based on what purpose you are using Ar-15, for.

Design of Ar-15 Magazine

The widely used materials in the making of the AR 15 magazine are stainless Steel, Aluminium, and polymer. AR 15 magazine is designed at NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) standard. Some companies also make transparent or semi-transparent magazines that show how much ammo is left.