Ar 15 Lower Receivers

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What is Ar-15?

Ar-15 (Arma Lite Rifle) was manufactured in 1950 by a company named Arma lite Inc. at the US military’s request. Later in 1959, due to the financial crisis, Arma Lite sold the rights to Colt manufacturers.

Later, Ar-15 was developed by Colt company as a civilian version. Colt Ar-15 lower receiver is also available to date.

NRA (National Rifle Association) described Ar-15 as America’s most popular rifle.

Ar-15 Lower Receiver

The Ar-15 lower receiver settles above the grip of the pistol, grips the trigger, and puts together other components by providing them housing inside itself. It also has a slot for the magazine but the lower receiver cannot fire on its own.

Even though by itself it is not a firearm but government has ordered to charge the people who are restricted from keeping firearms and have possession of these.